Arborescent Devlog

Indie Game about avenging the fallen trees. Find all 3 keys and reach the boss to avenge your fallen brothers.

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11/01/21 #30

Finished game. Releasing in one week.

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10/12/21 #29

Did so much today. Nearly finished game. Music implemented. Bugs fixed. New UI. Main menu. Credits menu. Boss fight finished.

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10/11/21 #28

Began to create boss fight and fix AI bugs.

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10/10/21 #27

Made new color lumberjacks to represent which one has the key to progress to next level.

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10/9/21 #26

Made AI for last sections. Also weird bug where AI would lift player onto roofs. Also experimented with orthographic view.

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10/8/21 #25

Made music and changed game core due to scale of game. New banner art.

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7/17/21 #24

Made mini-map and logic for it. It shows where the player generally is in the game world.

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7/12/21 #23

Made gates for each section and logic for them. Minor improvements to general gate logic.

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7/11/21 #22

Begin logic for the boat. And updated animation system. Also made new buildings.

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7/10/21 #21

Placed lampposts, mailboxes, and garbage bins across map.

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7/9/21 #20

Made my real life house and put it in game. We also made a few other houses and models.

7/8/21 #19

Made dozens of houses and worked on map. Also changed game name to "Arborescent"

7/7/21 #18

Made death UI and logic.

7/6/21 #17

Made the river and made a bridge. Also fixed bugs.

7/5/21 #16

Worked on roads for the map.

7/4/21 #15

Worked on new models for the map.

7/3/21 #14

Worked on models for houses and implemented them with colliders.

7/2/21 #13

Fixed bugs including bug where AI would "moonwalk"

7/1/21 #12

Added heart pickups to increase health.

6/30/21 #11

Added health system and made it to where AI can damage player.

6/27/21 #10

Made core AI attack logic. Made new art assets and animations. Been dealing with a strange AI bug.

6/6/21 #9

Made Ai death logic and made axe swing logic. Also added more art assets.

6/4/21 #8

Made Ai wander mode logic. Ai can now maneuverer around the intro area randomly.

6/3/21 #7

Made AI core logic. 3 AI modes: Wander, Attack, Die

Also fixed collider bug.

6/2/21 #6

Made logic for carrying axe. And fixed visual bugs.

6/1/21 #5

Made gate and key logic. Also made basic AI voxel model. And improved lighting.

5/31/21 #4

Made pickup prompt and made logic for picking up items. Also improved animation bug.

5/30/21 #3

Made waypoint system and more voxel models to fill environment. Also made basic AI for enemies.

5/29/21 #2

Made an outline for the map and intro area. Fixed movement. New name of game is

"The Tree Decimation"

5/26/21 #1

We have begun development on our new indie game. Working title is

"The Tree Massacre"